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Remote connection through port forwarding.

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Hi. We are considering a posibility to use AIDA BE in our company. not so long ago i tried to figure out how works remote control and monitoring. My question is how can i use remote monitoring function (or any of the rest) to monitor a few servers from the internet. I was able to establish a connection only with the one of with only one of them through standart port - 2346 (using port forwarding on the gateway). But I could not connect using forwarding from any others ports (like -> 192.168.05:2346). If there is any chance to configure remote monitoring this way?

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It should work without any special configurations. Just make sure you set the port numbers properly both in the router forwarding and in the client side AIDA64 Preferences where you want to start making connections. Also make sure there are no firewalls that may block inbound or outbound connections.

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In the client side of AIDA64 we just made connections in "computer groups" windows like this:


And on the router was port forwarding rules:







But it didn't work.

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same problem too!


Our network requires :


server (any port for example 5674-5677) ----> router -----> port forwarding -----> port 5001 goes to PC1, port 5002 goes to PC2, port 5003 goes to PC3 etc.


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