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Choosing format of readings

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would it be possible to add option to convert the reading from Mhz to Ghz for example? And to determine where the decimal should be (so I could display for example 4.5 Ghz, not 4490 Mhz or 4.490 Ghz...) Or where time is, tell it to show me only hours and minutes, not seconds?

I use G15 LCD (the first, blue, one) and I would really like to squeeze more info on one main informative page, but it would require to use Ghz instead of Mhz at least... Its not like I am using long names before the reading itself, I just have 16 different readings on the main page and I could use two more, but then it would be to crowdy...

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I'm sorry, but we're not planning to provide such deep customizations for the hardware monitoring items ;)



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