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    • By DiGrig
      I work in centralized library system. We have about 50 affiliates in city. Total number of computers - about 500. Can we count on an educational license?
      Thank you.
    • By Consumer
      I have just purchased an AIDA64 Extreme Edition license with 3 years maintenance. (Fiery, your fast replies to my ECC and ChipKill post converted me from the trial version). The Licensing AIDA64 page reads:
      Does this mean I can:
      install it,
      uninstall it and/or format the hard drive containing Windows and AIDA64,
      and reinstall AIDA64

      an unlimited number of times on 3 computers simultaneously?
      If I install AIDA64 on 3 computers, then remove it from one of the computers (let's say, the third computer), does that mean I can install it on a fourth computer (one that is different from the other 3 computers)? If so, then do I first have to specifically uninstall it from the third computer while connected to the internet (or do some other online deactivation procedure) or can I just format the third computer's hard drive straightaway in order to free up 1 of the 3 machine slots of the license?
    • By Michoa
      is there no lifetime license available?
      regards Michoa
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