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You can not move OSD Panel when mouse buttons are switched

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I've just registered to submit a bug.


When you switch the mouse buttons in this way:


  1. Open Mouse Properties by clicking the Start button 4f6cbd09-148c-4dd8-b1f2-48f232a2fd33_818, and then clicking Control Panel. In the search box, type mouse, and then click Mouse.

  2. Click the Buttons tab:

    • To swap the functions of the right and left mouse buttons, under Button configuration, select the Switch primary and secondary buttons check box

  3. Click OK.


You lose the ability to move the OSD Panel all over the desktop.


OS: Windows 7 x64 SP1 Ultimate - Updated


AIDA64: 4.60.3100

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Thank you, the reported bug will be fixed in the next AIDA64 beta release due in a few days from now. I'll post the download link into this topic once the new beta is available.



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