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Fernando Gregoire

Confirmation for Saving Reports

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I think AIDA64 should ask if the user wants to save a report when closing it without sending or saving it before.

It is not extremely important for reports generated using the Quick Report submenu, but when creating bigger reports, such as one with the Hardware Related Pages, a report may take several minutes and, in slow computers, freece the system for a while. If the user accidentally close the report window when this is done, it would need to wait for its generation again. In this case, it would be nice a confirmation dialog with a message like Do you want to save the report before closing it? with Yes, No and Cancel buttons, similar to various programs asking to save changes.


Thanks in advance!

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Many users do not save the reports to file, but rather send them in email, or just browse through them. So I don't think a warning message about not saving the file would be appropriate there.



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      On AIDA64 reports I've seen the date is always in the yyyy/Mm/Dd format, witch is confusing for some languages and even English variations outside the U.S.
      It would be a good idea if AIDA64 could consider the Windows regional settings for this or include this setting on the Preferences dialog box.
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