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New PC builder and Overclocker

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I built my PC a couple days ago. I have:

i5 4690k (cm hyper 212 evo cooled)

GTX 970 (reference card)

8gb ram


I have been gaming on it pretty heavily since I've had it. I feel like I can get more out of the CPU because I did buy an

MSI Z97-G45 Motherboard and a 4690k.


So I overclocked it to about 4.4ghz with 1.2v

I've been running the stress test with aida64 trial and my temps are a bit confusing to me.

So Idle I have around High 30's to Low 40's (degrees Celsius)

But, with the stress test being running for about 17 minutes now i'm getting Mid to high 60's (66-69) It rarely hits 70

Oh and I don't think my fans are running too fast


So are these normal temps? How long should I keep this test going? And should I keep it overclocked? Thanks

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Those temperatures are just fine for a properly built + overclocked system like yours. You should run the AIDA64 System Stability Test for at least an hour, but a few hours is even better. If you try to challenge the stability of your configuration, then have all subtests enabled. On the other hand, if you try to challenge the thermal solution (cooling setup) of your system, then only have the FPU and GPU tests enabled. Those will drive your CPU, motherboard and GPU to the highest temperatures in the same time, so you can see an absolutely worst case scenario about thermal stress that way.

And should I keep it overclocked?

If it's stable, then why not? :)

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    • By Tweak
      Hey everyone, i have a rather basic understanding of overclocking, and stress testing so let me just start with that.
      To start off.
      I run a
      750 power supply
      MSI Gaming pro carbon 270z
      i7 7700k
      MSI GTX 1080 TI
      Gskill  32gigs @2117
      Water cooler blah blah blah.
      When i run a stress test on Memory @ Stock Specs (for everything including GPU) everything passes and nothings unstable.
      MSI has this nifty "Gaming mode" in its BIOS which Clocks my CPU 4.8 Max and my RAM @2800 (which is the advertised speed).
      Once i run a stress test on the Memory in said Gaming mode i get "hardware fail" from ADIA64.
      This is rather quickly after starting the test, 10 seconds top.
      once i push everything back to stock and reboot everything runs stable which makes me believe my RAM isnt "bad".
      Now i can't for the life of my figure out if i have "bad ram" or i don't have the correct voltage..  or...

      i can post logs if needed not sure on what information is needed here.

      Computer skills: New overclocker
      Any help would be amazing
    • By RealCybertron
      I bought  my PC recently, and I noticed that my system temperature is pretty high. I ran multiple tests with AIDA 64, HWInfo and HWMonitor and they all showed some problems which I do not know to solve on my own.
      First of all, my CPU voltage is not stable and can go very very high. For example while playing some games, the voltage hits up to 1.5V and so the temp hits for about 72C. I'm using a stock Spire cooler so this is very dangerous. I tried to change my CPU voltage in my motherboard to 1.2V but to no avail. My PC started, it loaded up my config and the screen turned off while the EZ debug led lighted up.
      I never tried overclocking but I changed the curve of my GPU fan speed, as it was also getting hot during gaming. 
      One last thing, a small red led is always lit up between my CPU socket and RAM. I asked about its purpose to a technician and he said to me that it shows that my motherboard is getting power. I thought it was a little bit ridiculous and I still don't know its purpose. Maybe it's an indicator for over voltage?
      My specs: Ryzen 1500x with Spire cooler
      GTX 1080 graphics card
      8x2 2400 mhz ram
      MSI b350 mortar motherboard
      650w 80+ power supply
      Windows 10 as OS
      I can provide pictures of my system and its benchmarks/monitoring
    • By jimerb
      I have a computer in a setting with 6 monitors show video (Sometimes 4k is in the mix) and the video is over network share.
      The video was choppy and i realized that my network was getting pegged at 100mb.   I ran all new wires and made sure everything was on gigabit Ethernet.  Now it is much smoother.
      The problem now is that my slightly overclocked computer hangs sometimes.  I believe it's because the machine is getting taxed with the flood of new data from the ethernet card and it didn't have to work so hard before.
      The question i have is, Do you believe this would be because of the overclocking on the CPU or because one of the video cards is old?
      I have an older video (NVS 450) card and a new card (Radeon R9 390).
      Trying to narrow this down.  Thanks for any expertise.
    • By Paul B
      Just installed the newest version of Aida 4.00.2700 and it no longer sees the temperature of my external WD e-sata drive. All previous version did. Drive works fine Aida is the only change.
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