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    • By Fiery
      We've added support for the built-in 160x32 pixel monochrome LCD screen of EVGA Z10 gaming keyboard.  You can enable the LCD device from AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / Hardware Monitoring / LCD / EVGA.
      Currently AIDA64 communicates with the LCD directly, using USB HID interface.  It collides with EVGA's own software (EVGA Unleash), so it's recommended to close that software before enabling EVGA Z10 support in AIDA64.  EVGA will soon develop a proper SDK/API for their keyboard, much like the LCD API of Logitech gaming keyboards, so that multiple software can put information on the LCD the same time, without collisions.
      You can find the new AIDA64 beta update at:
      Please let us know if you find any difficulties enabling or using this new feature. Also let us know if you've got another kind of LCD device that is currently unsupported by AIDA64.
    • By pimp1310
      my native language is german, i hope my english is understandable.
      The Problem is, when i use my "aorus Graphic Engine" to control my 1080TI's leds, doesnt works anymore when i have aida64 in autostart.
      when i delete aida654 in my autostart the "Aorus graphics engine" works well.
      I tried to make a delayed start of aida64 but this didnt work.
       i need both programs, aida for my sensorpanel on the second screen, and aorus graphics engine to control my graphics card.
      any ideas ?
    • By Grestorn
      have you seen the new Logitech Arx Control solution?
      It's basically a way to use iOS and Android phones and tablets to display and control various stuff of your gaming PC. 
      The only requirement - besides the phone or tablet - is to have Logitechs Gaming Software installed. It works with all Logitech keyboards and mice that are supported by the Gaming Software. 
      And, as far as I understand, there's a documented API which allows you to display custom stuff in the app. I haven't looked at it, but I guess it's not too different from the API that they used for their LCD displays. 
      Do you want to check that out and give us an idea whether you'd like to support that?
    • By DukeSan27
      I just bough this I am getting access violations while I am using this for monitoring with Logitech LCD. An example violation picture is attached.

      I tried running as administrator but same results. Also it seems to happen while running BF4.
      My details:
      Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
      Aida64 4.60.3100
      Logitech G13 LCD
      Note that I was using MSI afterburner with Riva for a long time for monitoring without any issues.
      Please help as LCD monitoring was the only reason I bought this.
    • By blackrat
      This is a more general question, but the need for it is in connection with AIDA64 using for G19's LCD display.
      When starting the PC the drivers and software are starting in this order:AIDA64, FRAPS and one of the very last is the newly installed LGS (Logitech Gaming Software) for G19 and other Logitech devices.
      So AIDA64 has an error and cannot display his info on the panel, because at the time that AIDA64 driver is automically started no G19 driver loaded. I can only terminate AIDA64 (and FRAPS and similar untilities) and start again: Then everything works.
      Any chance, how the order of automtacally starting drivers can be set in msconfig on XP (and how to do on Win7)?
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