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    • By 3ogdy
      Hi everyone,

      I've been experiencing this strange issue for quite some time now and haven't bothered to investigate until very recently. My BIOS can read CPU temps just fine.
      I happen to be the owner of a G15 Keyboard and AIDA64 is a great tool for monitoring temps, Voltages, and many other things straight from the LCD.

      To the point:
      My CPU temperature is displayed as 0ºC in AIDA64 Extreme 5.60.3700. I know the NH-D15 is an amazing cooler and all, but it looks like it's a bit too good, haha. It is not displayed at all on my G15 LCD. On the LCD, the CPU voltage appears as 0V. N/A for the actual consumption in W.
      GPU usage is also nto on the LCD - instead of getting VRAM and processor temps (for the GPUs) I get N/A on the LCD.
      I get N/A for VRM and RAM temps too.

      System in question:
      Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1
      Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 (it has ThermalRadar for CPU temp monitoring and fan configuration - the CPU temp appears listed over there in pretty normal readings...45ºC on average - even DRAM and USB3.0 ports have their temps displayed there. Same goes for voltages)
      HD6950 Crossfire
      32GB of RAM

      CoreTemp works just fine, reporting per core temps and voltages correctly.
    • By Travis
      ​I have a NVIDIA GeForce GT 520 video card that I've been having nightmarish crash problems with. It's the same problem that thousands of other users are having with the message: "Display Driver NVIDIA Kernel Mode Driver Version xxx.xx (the version number is irrelevant because it changes with every update but nothing ever improves) Stopped Responding And Has Successfully Recovered".  NVIDIA Support, while never giving a definitive fix for this problem, does have a number of troubleshooting suggestions (which thus far have gone nowhere) but one was to obtain AIDA64 Extreme and run a diagnostic on the VRAM in my video card to see if it's good or if it fails. Thus far I have not been able to determine exactly how to do that with AIDA64 and was wondering if someone could give me some guidance here?  I need to run it on the VRAM only and not some other component.  Also, are they referring to a "stress test" as an actual diagnostic, or is there some true diagnostic that will analyze the VRAM and let me know if it has a problem, kind of like MemTest would do for your computer's RAM.  Another suggestion they had was to test the Power Supply Unit (PSU); I think that's a bit of a "red herring" but I'm willing to try; is there a diagnostic test for that in AIDA64 as well?  Thanks and standing by...
    • By Corotan
      With the latest beta 2.20.1847 (win7 32) gadget settings revert back to defaults.
      Prior to the beta, color setting such as theme and Aida64 header visibility could be set on the settings directly at the gadget setttings and the settings remained in effect when AIDA64 was set to start with windows.
      After the beta install, color themes and header visibility setting in the gadget return to default at window start up.
    • By archp2008
      I find that AIDA64 starts when Windows XP starts but using the same settings in a Windows 7 installation it doesn't start.
      Are there some special permissions inside Windows 7 that need to be set to allow it to start when Windows starts?
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