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Add support for GPS Sattelite Info

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That's actually a complicated issue. Yes, it would be relatively easy to add GPS readouts to the existing AIDA64 for Ubuntu Touch app. But we're ambivalent about going down that path, and not just about the actual app in question, but about other AIDA64 mobile apps too (like AIDA64 for Tizen, AIDA64 for Windows Phone). That's mostly because of the additional permission (called "location") that we would have to request for. Unfortunately the Ubuntu Touch OS doesn't offer fine-grained permissions management like Android 6+ and iOS7+. So users cannot grant or revoke individual permissions in case they find one or more of them suspicious or feel that they would invade their privacy. Either they accept the list of permissions our app requests, or they refuse to install the app. And the current list of requested permissions (camera, networking, sensors, webview) is already excessive to many users -- even though we've explained in the app's description why our app needs them. The users' biggest issue is of course the camera permission. But just like with every other mobile operating systems, sadly Ubuntu Touch also couples camera capabilities detection with taking photos/videos. So a sysinfo app cannot just request a permission called "camerainfo" or "cameradetect" or such, it has to request for the full camera permission, like if it wanted to take photos/videos :(

And the existing list of permissions, especially the camera one, coupled together with asking for the user's exact location (via requesting the "location" permission) may just be a big red flag for many users. We don't want to risk making our app look suspicious of spying or being mistaken as a malware by doing that.

I suppose it would be easier and less risky to just develop a separate app, dedicated to providing GPS info. But we believe it's best to focus on a single multi-role sysinfo app, rather than fragmenting the app into multiple simpler apps. We'd much rather wait for Canonical to introduce a fine-grained permission system that would be perfect for apps like AIDA64. Then we could add even more optional permissions to read even more information about the hardware and software environment.



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