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ECC enabled or not?

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I have skylake c236 motherboard + xeon processor + ECC UDIMM memory


I run "best practices analyzer" scan on hyper-v role on windows server 2012r2

And got error


Title:Use RAM that provides error correction
Severity Error
Problem: The RAM in use on this computer is not error-correcting (ECC) RAM.
Impact:Microsoft does not support  on computers without error-correcting RAM.


Then I tryed AIDA latest beta (from this topic https://forums.aida64.com/topic/3404-fixed-ecc-supported-but-disabled-skylake-imc/)



[ Memory Arrays / System Memory ]  
   Memory Array Properties:  
   Location   Motherboard  
   Memory Array Function   System Memory  
   Error Correction   Single-bit ECC  
   Max. Memory Capacity   64 GB  
   Memory Devices   4  
[ Memory Devices / DIMM_A1 ]  
   Memory Device Properties:  
   Form Factor   DIMM  
   Type   DDR4  
   Type Detail   Synchronous  
   Size   16 GB  
   Max. Clock Speed   2133 MHz  
   Current Clock Speed   2133 MHz  
   Total Width   64-bit  (my note, this value must be 72-bit for ECC module)
   Data Width   64-bit  
   Ranks   2  


 [ DIMM1: Samsung M391A2K43BB1-CPB ]  
     Memory Module Properties:  
   Module Name   Samsung M391A2K43BB1-CPB  
   Serial Number   322136A0h (2687902002)  
   Manufacture Date   Week 15 / 2016  
   Module Size   16 GB (2 ranks, 16 banks)  
   Module Type   Unbuffered DIMM  
   Memory Type   DDR4 SDRAM  
   Memory Speed   DDR4-2133 (1066 MHz)  
   Module Width   72 bit  
   Module Voltage   1.2 V  
   Error Detection Method   ECC  
   DRAM Manufacturer   Samsung  
   DRAM Stepping   00h  
   SDRAM Die Count   1  


 [ North Bridge: Intel Skylake-S WS IMC ]  
      Error Correction:  
   ECC   Supported, Enabled  
   ChipKill ECC   Not Supported  
   RAID   Not Supported  
   ECC Scrubbing   Not Supported  


Please answer, ECC is full enabled? Why windows server thinks it is not enabled?


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    • By VTOLfreak
      Hi guys, I put together a system with ECC memory but AIDA64 is showing ECC as supported but disabled.
      CPU: Xeon E3-1275V5
      Motherboard: ASRock E3V5 WS (latest BIOS: 1.40)
      Memory: Crucial CT2K16G4WFD824A 2x16GB DDR4-2400 ECC UDIMM
      I have a CPU that supports ECC, ECC memory and a motherboard with a chipset that claims ECC support but doesn't mention ECC anywhere in the BIOS. So, is AIDA64 wrong and is ECC actually turned on? Or did ASrock screw up in the BIOS somewhere? Any other ways to check if ECC is enabled? I disabled the BIOS startup screen to watch it bootup but that didn't give any info on the memory detected. I attached the hardware report from AIDA64 if you guys want to take a look.
    • By Consumer
      My system:
      Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3P (revision 1.1)
      CPU: Phenom II X4 925, RB-C2 stepping
      Memory: Kingston KVR1333D3E9SK4/16G (kit of four unbuffered ECC DDR3-1333 modules, 16 GB total, dual rank modules, each module has eighteen 256M x 8-bit FBGA)
      I manually underclocked the memory to 1066 MHz in BIOS. I left the timings as SPD auto-detected values for the 1066 MHz profile.
      Other values I set in the BIOS:
      DCTs Mode: Ganged
      DRAM ECC enable: Enabled
      DRAM MCE enable: Enabled
      Chip-Kill mode enable: Enabled
      DRAM ECC Redirection: Enabled
      DRAM background scrubber: 163.8us
      L2 cache background scrubb: 1.31ms
      DCache background scrubber: 5.24ms
      Bank Interleaving: Enabled
      Channel Interleave: Enabled
      Side-note: BIOS has no option for L3 cache background scrubbing.
      AIDA64 Extrene Edition 2.70.2200 prints:
      [ Memory Controller ]
      Memory Controller Properties:
      Error Detection Method: 64-bit ECC
      Error Correction: None
      Supported Memory Interleave: 1-Way
      Current Memory Interleave: 1-Way
      Supported Memory Speeds: 70ns, 60ns
      Supported Memory Types: SPM, EDO
      Supported Memory Voltages: 3.3V
      Maximum Memory Module Size: 1024 MB
      Memory Slots: 4
      ...and somewhere under [ North Bridge: AMD K10 IMC ], it prints...
      Error Correction:
      ECC: Supported, Enabled
      ChipKill ECC: Supported, Enabled
      RAID: Not Supported
      DRAM Scrub Rate: 163.8 us
      L1 Data Cache Scrub Rate: 5.24 ms
      L2 Cache Scrub Rate: 1.31 ms
      L3 Cache Scrub Rate: Disabled
      Because the North Bridge report section says "ECC Supported: Enabled" but the Memory Controller report section prints "Error Correction: None", I am confused. Are my modules running in ECC mode?
      Another side-note...I underclocked to 1066 MHz because: with stock 1333 MHz (A) it will take several minutes just to POST in "Ganged Mode" if "Channel Interleave" is enabled and "Bank Interleaving" is disabled, and ( B ) my board won't POST in "Ganged Mode" if both "Bank Interleaving" and "Channel Interleave" is enabled. It POSTs fine at stock 1333 MHz in "Unganged Mode" with both "Bank Interleaving" and "Channel Interleave" enabled, but in that Unganged case, AIDA64 will print "ChipKill ECC: Supported, Disabled", regardless of whether I enable Chip-Kill in the BIOS.
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