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Petr Soucek

SATA RAID - Patsburg PCH instead of Wellsburg PCH

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Hello Fiery, in my Dell Precision T5810 the SATA RAID Controller is identified as Patsburg (X79), although it is 
Wellsburg (X99). 
 [ Intel Patsburg PCH - SATA RAID Controller [C-0] ]

    Device Properties:
      Device Description                                Intel Patsburg PCH - SATA RAID Controller [C-0]
      Bus Type                                          PCI
      Bus / Device / Function                           0 / 31 / 2
      Device ID                                         8086-2826
      Subsystem ID                                      1028-0617
      Device Class                                      0104 (RAID Controller)
      Revision                                          05
      Fast Back-to-Back Transactions                    Supported, Disabled

    Device Features:
      66 MHz Operation                                  Supported
      Bus Mastering                                     Enabled

Best Regards,


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