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Aquasuite and AIDA64 temp readings from Rampage V


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Both Aida64 and Aquasuite Computer Hardware Monitor reports a lot of temps only Named Temperature #n Where n can be anything from 1 to 24 (Aquauite reports #1 through #6 (29C to 102C) and Aida64 #1 through #24 (2C to 44C (2 shows 50, which I guess means that they aren't connected))). Where are these sensors?

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    • By sactomori
      Hey folks (maybe @Fiery?), wondering if this is user error (i.e. I'm an idiot) or if Aquasuite isn't importing into Aida64 with the latest update. Definitely have sensor data showing up in Aquasuite though; flow and temperature right there, just can't get it to show up in Aida64.
      For context, trying to build a sensor panel but can't get flow or temperature from my High Flow Next (AquaSuite) to show up in Aida64. Done all the usuals (searched in Stability, enabled WMI, external data/shared memory , etc.) but it's still not showing up.
      Attaching the Aquacomputer dump for reference, in case it's helpful!
    • By Darkseed
      With the latest version 5.95.4500 & beta 5.95.4538, the temperature 2 and 3 are not shown in the monitoring (temperature only 1).
      Temperature 2 and 3 OK in the bios. Bios latest version 3701.
      With the previous version of the AIDA with the display of 3 temperature sensors there was no problem

    • By Omiros
      Hi, I want to know which of the following sensor icons should I monitor ?

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