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    • By kertmix
      So I was planning to download some app but its says that the app was a 65 bit app. Is there any ways for me to turn this off. Im no programmers. Please help.

    • By Jeremy A. Leal Estrada
      Hello community, I have a problem, I want to install a 64-bit app on my phone but I see that it says 32-bit mode, can I change that?
    • By Etre_Libre
      I am an AIDA64 user (and customer), and I admit I use it very often.
      In fact, I found only 1 problem : aida64.exe is a 32 bit executable, and seems not exist into a native 64 bit form.
      Please, let me explain :
      Regularly, I use AIDA64 into Windows PE (x86), it's ok.
      But, into Windows PE x64, it don't work because Windows PE x64 don't have subsystem WOW64 to emulate 32 bit programs.
      For now, I see more and more computers with UEFI, and sometimes with an option to revert to "Legacy BIOS" mode.
      If "Legacy BIOS" mode is available, it's ok : I can boot Windows PE x86 and run AIDA64.
      But, many new computers don't have that option and we can boot only with EFI x64, so only Windows PE x64 and I can't run AIDA64 with thoses computers.
      To solve it, I think it might be a good idea to provide a x64 compiled exe.
      What do you think about it ? Maybe is it planned ?
      Thank you
    • By HorridMistake
      Could AIDA64 have full support for ASLR for its own executable for the next version? It is just a compiler switch.
      Also, what about Forced DEP (Data Execution Prevention), like what browsers have?
      And what is the status of including a 64-bit executable?
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