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64bit AIDA64?


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We do have plans, but not for the near future.  We're watching the market, the evolution of the Windows PC ecosystem, and we'll make our move to 64-bit once it will become necessary or mandatory.

The 32-bit main binary is there because that's the best compromise.  Having a 64-bit main binary wouldn't be a major benefit, but on the other hand it would raise a lot of issues.  One such issue would be a considerably bigger distribution package, more than twice the size of the current ZIP and EXE package.  That's because when you have a 64-bit main binary, you need to have all DLLs compiled to 64-bit as well -- while retaining the existing 32-bit DLLs for compatibility reasons.  Another issue is that many interfaces and APIs that AIDA64 relies on have no 64-bit support.  And so when you want to use such an interface/API from AIDA64, it works now, but it would stop working if the user switched to the 64-bit main binary.

As for the name itself: it's there to separate the software from its predecessors, namely AIDA32 and AIDA16.  While it's true that the main binary is still 32-bit, but the critical parts (modules) that truly benefit from porting 64-bit are already available in both 64-bit and 32-bit flavours.  Those modules are the benchmarks and the stress test (AIDA64 System Stability Test).

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