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    • By nyrull
      First,excuse for my bad english
      I have a i7-5930K and wanted to know which cpu utilization is tied to which cpu cores.
      6 physical cores so 12 logicals.
      cpu1 utilization
      cpu 2 utilization
      cpu3 utilization
      cpu 12 utilization.
      so Core #1 ,Core #2 ect... is tied ti which cpu? utilization ?
      and when i look at logical core utilization in Sysinternals Process Explorer ,comparing value, i cant seems to find the same reading for all logical cores in Aida64
      Thank you !
    • By vpshockwave
      Hey guys!
      First of all, I'd like to say this is a fantastic piece of software! Good enough to convince me into buying it! I love having everything on my G15 LCD in one place!
      That said, I do have a few suggestions that I think would add some useful options.
      First, the ability to ignore virtual cores in the CPU Utilization reading. I can either monitor all 6 of my physical cores at once, or I can monitor the CPU as a whole, but when I monitor it as a whole, it factors in the virtual cores which are usually barely, if at all, being used. This has a detrimental effect of the CPU Utilization reading (it cuts it in half basically, thus making it inaccurate). The ability to ignore the virtual cores would make this more accurate in my opinion.
      Second, polling times less than a second. I realize the polling can eat up CPU, but for those of us with the CPUs that can handle it, polling times in milliseconds would be a great addition. I would love a 500 millisecond polling rate, and I know my CPU could handle it.
      Third, add the ability to drag / resize the LCD items with the mouse, rather than have to use the arrow keys or hit modify to change the length. This would make the custom LCD screens much easier to modify and create.
      Thanks for the great piece of software guys! Keep it up!
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