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    • By Compumind
      Hi there!
      Clean install of AIDA64 Trial on 3 XP, SP3 boxes, fully updated configurations.
      Install went just fine, using your .exe download. When trying to start the app, there is only a small red "64" box in my system tray and then the system is totally hung.
      Managed to see the Main Screen only once. No choice but to do a hard reboot. When using the version previous to this one, namely 5.95.4500 Extreme, all is perfect.
      I submitted a ticket, but I would like to confirm with other users.
    • By qmastery16
      Good day! I have Lenovo G505S laptop with integrated + discrete graphics:
      HD 8650G integrated GPU (part of A10-5750M APU) and R5 M230 discrete GPU
      "AMD Dual Graphics" feature is currently disabled, so these two GPUs are not "merged to one"
      and are separately detected by Windows 7 x86_64 SP1. This setup is very similar to dampflokfreund's :
      After following your great advice from ^ this thread ( choose "Wake GPUs up at AIDA64 startup" at AIDA64 Preferences / Stability )
      AIDA64 separately detects my integrated and discrete GPU, - and outputs this advanced technical information for discrete GPU :
      AMD Radeon R5 M230 Series (Sun)
      BIOS Version -
      BIOS Date - 11/28/2013
      ... Part Number - BR45149.002
      PCI Device 1002-6665 / 17AA-3804 (Rev 00)
      ... Bus Type PCI Express 2.0 x8 @ 3.0 x63
      This information above which is marked bold - Video BIOS version, build date, and also Part Number, -
      is a part of any AMD Video BIOS at its' beginning. By seeing that AIDA64 successfully obtains this information,
      I am confident that AIDA64 could read the rest of AMD Video BIOS and dump it to a file
      However, when I right click at bottom panel and then go to " Video Debug ---> Video BIOS Dump " - there is a problem:
      Expected behaviour: AIDA64 already knows that there are two separate GPUs in my system.
      It asks for which GPU I would like to save a Video BIOS Dump file, and only then asks me about its' location
      Observed behaviour: despite knowing that there are two separate GPUs in my system,
      AIDA64 does not ask for which GPU I would like to save a video dump. Instead, AIDA64 instantly asks for dump file location,
      and after looking at its' size as well as contents - I could see that it only contains Video BIOS for integrated graphics card,
      probably because integrated GPU was the first at GPU list
      Proposed solution: Please add the opportunity to choose and dump Video BIOS
      for any available graphics card that can be seen at Display ---> GPU list
    • By FoxLaRocks
      Hello all, first time poster here.
      So I run Aida64 mainly for my Logitech G19s Keyboard.
      Today I upgraded from a Strix Rx480 O8GB to a Zotac Gtx 1070 Amp Extreme.
      I am finding a few issues off the bat.
      I am often getting stuck at alt-tab or transition screens some times forced to hard reset.
      After said hard reset, or even fresh installation prompted resets I am brought to bios.
      When I type text into Firefox there is some times a delay.
      My Aida64 LCD monitor time display some times increases by 2sec (lagging)

      My mobo drivers are up to date. I have DDU the AMD drivers. I installed fresh Nvidia drivers via Geforce Experience.
      I set my CPU clocks back to default.
      I am going to remove and reinstall the graphics card right now. Will edit with results.
    • By VonGunter
      I have this motherboard Asus Maximus VIII Hero
      Aida64 5.70.3800 cases this error with these settings. If I turn off AIDA64 error goes away.

    • By ninjasushi2
      I can't seem to find the file to uninstall AIDA 64 extreme anywhere. I've looked under control panel, using JVPowerTools16 2011, and even Uninstall MAX or wahtever the program is. My OSD menu random disappeared and won't reappear for some reason. So I tried to update and uninstall but to no avail. Updating doesn't help and there is no file to uninstall it. Any ideas?
      Edit: I just deleted all the files and reinstalled it; still no progress. Sensor Panel and Sensor Icons show just no OSD panel.
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