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    • By no1yak
      As the title says, no info for SPD in version Bata 5.97.4618. CPU-Z reports SPD ok.
    • By c2aku
      I just bought a new RAM and installed it on my laptop and opened AIDA64 and I found out that my new installed ram(KINGSTON) is not showing under SPD in motherboard drop-down menu but it is showing my older RAM(HYNIX)  which was previously installed.

      Guys I find no info about SPD in my aida software, I've had that problem since years ago, and I can't find the solution, please give me a tip
    • By lunodel15
      Ð’Ñем доброго времени Ñуток. Подкажите, еÑли кто решил проблему Ñледующую. AIDA64 неправильно читает Ñерийные номера модулей памти Kingston.  ЕÑÑ‚ÑŒ варианты "решить" проблему?
      Ð’Ñем ÑпаÑибо.
    • By Garfunkel
      I don't know if it's because of my weird Motherboard
      My RAM is "Rendition" but the detected one is "Crucial"
      Here is their home page http://www.rendition.com/
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