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Moving Pages in RemoteSensor causes issues

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Moving a page by dragging and dropping it in RemoteSensor, or for my G19 Keyboard, causes the wrong page to be displayed. The current order of pages isn't updated so clicking on the first page will display whatever was in the first page on the device before it was moved. The correct page is displayed in AIDA64 but if page 3 was moved to the first slot then page 1 will be shown on the device if page 3 is selected in AIDA64.


Hope that makes sense.

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Yes, that's normal. Once you press OK on the Preferences window and open the Preferences again, the right order of pages with the right page index will be displayed.  Or at least that's how it's supposed to work :) Please try it ;) 

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    • By Quozzo
      I'm using RemoteSensor on my tablet to view AIDA64 but due to the device's browser having an annoying nav bar which gets in the way, the screen doesn't exactly fit. Being able to maximise it with a button would be great, but then the button would be visible. So how about maximising on a double click? Here's the JavaScript for it.
      function requestFullScreen() { var requestMethod = document.body.requestFullScreen || document.body.webkitRequestFullScreen || document.body.mozRequestFullScreen || document.body.msRequestFullScreen; if (requestMethod) { requestMethod.call(document.body); } else if (typeof window.ActiveXObject !== "undefined") { var wscript = new ActiveXObject("WScript.Shell"); if (wscript !== null) { wscript.SendKeys("{F11}"); } } requestFullScreen(); } window.ondblclick = requestFullScreen; You also need to disable zooming on devices otherwise doubletap to maximise wont work.
      <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1, user-scalable=0"/> That won't effect desktops/laptops.
      It could be added to the HTML only when an option under the RemoteSensor tab it selected so it won't conflict with anyone who might want to keep the current functionality.
      Another suggestion would be to add links that are available in the RemoteSensor that can change the page back and forth.
      My reasoning is that I like page 1 to be an overview of my system with page 2 being a detailed look at my CPU and page 3 being a detailed look at my graphics card. It's possible to change between pages with my G19 keyboard but I can't see how to do that in the website with RemoteSensor. 
      I had a look at the network traffic (in Resource Monitor) and it appears to be quite efficient. There's no outgoing messages only incoming ajax (http) requests with the data which is drawn via JavaScript. I'm not sure how the website could communicate with AIDA64, maybe use a query string at the end of the URL so it would look something like but getting AIDA64 to read that... I'll leave that in your capable hands
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