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Problem witz Aida64 & AlphaCool Dispaly & Asetek LC Sensor...

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Hello I have a problem with Aida64 and the LCD Dispay AlphaCool. If I switch on the Asetek LC sensor support on Aida64 then sends the sensor values to the AlphaCool Dispay, the problem is that the fans always go up and down with the speed, there is a conflict somewhere! I can only halfway solve the problem in which I:

1: disable either the Asetek LC sensor support (but not in question because I need the values yes on the display)


2: I disable the AlphaCool Dispaly in Aida64 under settings. But also not in question because I need the display so when I play games.

there is some conflict with the data sent to the Dispaly. I hope you from Aida64 can give me a solution. Thank you

and sorry for my bad english, i use the google translator. I am from germany.

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In order to fix it up, you need to specify your fan duty cycle (%) setting in AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / Hardware Monitoring / Set Asetek fan speed.  Set both speeds to the same percentage value.

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