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fixed: Strange partially missing sensor items on Asus Rampage V Extreme

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Hi. I've noticed that after last update some sensor items dissapeared from "LCD Items", and dissaperead very oddly.

I didn't checked all items but noticed two of them dissapeared: "CPU Clock" and "GPU Clock".

And they dissapeared only under "Graph" and "Gauge" options in items:

5a2cfa5126830_3-GR.thumb.jpg.51040568ab2c609747f6987fcc5b4f4b.jpg   5a2cfa53be0fa_4-GAU.thumb.jpg.85c3f061ebb97660b71ad9ea46aaa9f2.jpg

But they're visisble under "Sensor item" and "Simple sensor item":   

5a2cfa44c9fbd_1-SI.thumb.jpg.c5de7b6adfa870bb6acfd9f204c73ef7.jpg   5a2cfa4f26b38_2-SSI.thumb.jpg.9cdfd882a81c4b7ef4e5509cf0fe87c7.jpg


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On ‎2017‎. ‎12‎. ‎13‎. at 8:22 PM, xcite said:

Seems to be okay. Need to check it in next stable release...

Thank you for your feedback.

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