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Such hardware property can only be indicated when the monitor is included in the built-in monitor database of AIDA64, and when the relevant entry in the database is fully populated.  We keep working on populating that field, but it's not easy in many cases when the monitor manufacturer fails to properly specify the panel type used in a certain product.

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On ‎2017‎. ‎12‎. ‎15‎. at 3:01 PM, Novius said:

What part of the AIDA report would it be possible to find the information from if i had a monitor type that was in the database? 

Copy-paste the full content of the Display / Monitor page of AIDA64 into this topic, and we'll check if it's possible to add extended information to the relevant database entry.  If you know the panel type for your display, please let us know.

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[ Generic PnP Monitor [NoDB] ]
      Monitor Properties:
        Monitor Name   Generic PnP Monitor [NoDB]
        Monitor ID   LEN4140
        Manufacturer   ATNA40JU01-0
        Manufacture Date   Week 49 / 2015
        Serial Number   None
        Max. Visible Display Size   310 mm x 175 mm (14.0")
        Picture Aspect Ratio   16:9
        Gamma   2.20
        DPMS Mode Support   Standby, Suspend, Active-Off
      Supported Video Modes:
        2560 x 1440   Pixel Clock: 242.19 MHz



This is an OLED panel 

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12 minutes ago, Novius said:

Is there a repository i can search through to see if my monitor is listed in it? 

No, there isn't.

As for your other post, AIDA64 Business v5.95 (stable release) also includes your monitor.  I suppose you're using an older AIDA64 version than 5.95.

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24 minutes ago, Novius said:

Okay thank you. 

Say i encounter new monitors, is there a place i should post information about them, so they can be added in future packages? 

Just post them here in case you cannot find the panel type for the displays on the Monitor page of AIDA64.  The same screen shot than what you've posted above would work great in those cases as well, although a copy-paste of the textual information would be even better ;) 

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2 hours ago, Novius said:

okay, ill do that for future panels.

But what about Multitouch panels, is it possible to get this information listed under monitor aswell? 

We don't have such a field in our database, but we can add it as soon as we come across such a display.  If you submit data on such a display, make sure to indicate that it's a multitouch one.

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