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    • By Novius
      I'm trying to make a batch file that will run AIDA64 (Buisness) and use the custom template ive created. 
      I furthermore want the report to be placed in a folder thats name after the Serial Number on the motherboard. (The file must also be named after the Serial Number.) 
      Sofar ive come up with:
      for /F "skip=2 tokens=2 delims=," %%A in ('wmic bios get serialnumber /FORMAT:csv') do (set "serial=%%A") echo %serial% Start D:\AIDA64\Aida64.exe /CUSTOM C:\Users\Jeppe Helbo\Desktop\AIDA64project\fulrep.rpf /LANGEN /R C:\Users\Jeppe Helbo\Desktop\AIDA64project\Testmaskiner\%serial% /XML PAUSE But im not too great at creating batch files, so the above just runs the entire aida full report, and dont output it anywhere. 
      Does anyone have some insight on what im doing wrong.
    • By soba4ka88
      HI there,
      Is there is any way to send reports from Android AIDA64 to log files on Android mass storage, or strictly to Windows PC (for example through adb)?
      I need to create a database from 500 devices and I can't spend time on installing AIDA on every device, configuring email and sending these reports through email.
      Thank you,
    • By Tomtt
      Can a system be analyzed from a bootable usb drive?
    • By broken pixel
      Since updating to a x99 mobo & DDR4 AIDA64 no longer reports voltage from my DIMM slots or does it give me the option to add via the OSD items menu.
      AIDA64 does report the temperatures on all four DIMM slots.
      Asrock Extreme 11, 5930k @ 4.7GHz 1.
      32GB of Dominator Platinum DDR4 @ 2666MHz 1.20v.
      AIDA64 v5.70.3811 Beta
    • By Tomorrow
      This is what im trying to use:
      aida64 /R C:\Report.html /HTML /SHOWPCANCEL But its not working. I can see the report generation and i can cancel it but the file is never written to specified location.
      Is my commandline incorrect?
      Im trying to execute the command via batch file.
      AIDA64 Business 3.00.2500 Portable
      Windows 7 x64 SP1 (fully updated + admin rights and command box is run as administrator).
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