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    • By tistou77

      I have a problem with rams, they are indicated as on the screen in Aida64, while it will have to be A1, B1, C1, D1

      and I have the temperature of the water plugged into the "Water In" port on the motherboard, but it indicates Temperature N°1 in Aida64

      It is possible to rename in "Water" (the "In" and "Out" to put in Extended Labels) and it's "duplicate" with T-Sensor 1
      Asus having made the effort to add these ports, as long as they are named correctly in Aida64
      And for Water Flow, in bios it is indicated in l/m, in Aida64 it is indicated in RPM
      Possible to have in l/m (see in l/h) in Aida64
      And merry christmas
    • By Oldmanbythesea
      Hi there I’ve got a peculiar issue that I am unsure if it is system or program related. Am using latest stable release. When running all other tests are fine. Would appreciate any help
      But the moment I start the systems memory test it’ll rise to 100% and hang after 2-3s. No oc on ram. Running on xmp setting. Ram is g.skill trident z rgb 64gb (8x8) 3200
      6900k OC at 4.5/4.4
      cache OC at 35
      asus rampage v edition 10
      ram as above 
      evga classified 1080ti sli
      evga 1600w psu
      samsung 960 Pro 1TB
      samsung 950 Pro 512gb
    • By tistou77
      With Rampage VI Extreme and System Stability Test, I have bugs with probes reading during the tests
      As on the Screen, the temperature 1 indicated 201°C, but it is 24°C in reality
      For VRM, I had the same thing, minimum temperature 1°C (not visible on this screen)

      And also, when I run the tests, Aida seems to be "blocked" after a few seconds and after 20 seconds to 1mn, it's good, the temperatures and voltages "vary" and the "Elapsed Time" goes
    • By kobbybest
      Aida 5.80.4000
      When i play game (exemple Battlefield 4) game sttutering at same frequency that G15 LCD refresh rate setting in hardware monitoring => update frequency => LCD.
      If i put 1000 ms so stutter is every 1000 ms, if i put 5000 ms so stutter every 5000 ms.
      If i disable Logitech LCD qupport in LCD section so no stutter in game.
      In stability menu, if i disable low-level PCI bus operations => no stutter in game but no information on gpu ans cpu on G15 LCD.
       I have changed my motherboard ( asus x99 Deluxe II )and cpu ( intel 6850k ) recently and i have update AIDA to last version for intel 6850K support in aida
      I don't remember what version of aida i have before but no stutter problem before (asus P8Z68 Deluxe and intel 2700k)
      GPu : 2 nvidia 980GTX in sli with Windows 10 64 bits las build.
      How fix this problem .
      Best regards
    • By tistou77
      It seems that Aida64 reads the VCCIN (CPU VRM) and not the Vcore for the 7940X (maybe with 7920X, etc...)
      It is missing the voltages for the "CPU VRM" and "Cache CPU"
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