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Main window locks trying to open Preferences(i7-7700K + Asus Strix Z270H Gaming + Gigabyte GTX 1070)

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Thank you for your report.  Let me know what exactly happens when you try to open the Preferences.  Does the main window simply become unresponsive?  Or first the Preferences window appears?

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Sorry for the delay I got sick and forgot about the issue until I tried to go to preferences today lol. I open the main window from the Aida64 icon in the system tray then I click file/preferences and nothing. It is locked at this point and then I have to end task in the task manager and restart Aida64.

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Hi I just updated this morning and it still is not working right but not actually locking. I found the preferences window in the task manager, but it will not show up on the desktop anywhere but at least I can close it in the task manager. I will try to go to one monitor and see if that brings it back. Nope same problem with one monitor so the preferences window is invisible for me lol. I hope this helps.

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I have now uninstalled your product and have gone back to version 5.8 to get my preferences back. If you cannot get preferences to work anymore I will not be updating my license.

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