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Low FPU VP8 cpu benchmark scores

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AIDA 64 5.97.4600

Ryzen 7 1700@3.7Ghz@1.3V low fpu vp8 score on gigabyte ab350 gaming 3/16gb corsair 2666@2933@1.3V CL 16

Every other score is similar to 1800x

Details(the numbers in brackets are the default aida scores for R7 1800X on asus CH6 hero)

Memory read 44398 (41405)

Memory write 43531(41054)

Memory copy 40606(40710)

Memory latency 83.4(82,7)

Queen 85789(85828)

Photoworxx 24860(24419)

Zlib 686.3(686.1)

AES 65633(63269)

Hash 22224(22309)

VP8 1634(7530)

Julia 38377(38501)

Mandel 20062(20182)

SinJulia 12616(12654)

FP32 ray 7621(7426)

FP64 ray 3989(3963)

Is there a bug? Anyone else with same on ryzen?




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We're currently investigating this issue.  It seems to be due to the performance drawback of one or more of the recent security patches (Spectre, Meltdown, etc).

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