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Wrong Primary IP Address

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With multiple network adapters  and/or multiple IP addresses,  AIDA64 may not show the proper IP Address.  It all depends on the index that is assigned to the adapter when it is installed.  Windows does have a Metric value at the TCP/IP layer for signifying priority.  A possible fix for this is to get all IP available addresses with their Metrics and sort by the Metric value (smaller value has higher priority with Metric 1 being the highest).  With this change, the user would then be able to specify which IP Address is primary (The one with the highest Metric).  

I noticed this issue by having my LAN NIC and a VirtualBox Host-Only NIC in my system.  Windows reports the IP for the VirtualBox NIC as my Primary IP Address which is wrong.  If I disable the VirtualBox NIC, then Primary IP Address displays correctly.  I suspect AIDA64 is only getting the Primary IP Address using a single Windows API call.  If this is the case, then this is lazy coding on Microsoft's part.

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