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Squall Leonhart

User report about the RTX 2080 Ti leds turning red when using the corsairlink plugin through Aida64

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Also, after completing an Aida64 GPU stress test the LED turned red.  I have a Corsair PSU and Aida reads stats about the PSU through Corsair link although I don't have the Corsair link software installed.  Could this have been to blame?  Restarting the PC fixed the issue.

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1 hour ago, Squall Leonhart said:


Thank you for posting this here.  I don't think it's related to Corsair Link.  But, he can disable Corsair AXi sensor support, Corsair HXi/RMi sensor support, Corsair Link sensor support in AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / Stability, and try running the GPU stress test again.

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