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AIDA64 is not an effective stress test

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What is the best vacuum cleaner to buy?

“What is the best vacuum cleaner to buy?” … it must a very common question for those who are looking for a new vacuum. But to find the best answer to this question, the first thing we should do is to identify the criteria for the best vacuum, right? So, what criteria do we need to do that?

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Come with functions and features that you need

We all know that there are so many, many vacuum models on the market right now. To choose the best vacuum, you have to understand your needs and your main using purposes first. You want a vacuum cleaner for pet hair, for carpeting, or for hardwood floor, …? Or you want a machine to clean small or large space? Are there many hard-to-reach spots and tight spaces in your house? Do you want a versatile model or not? …

So, ask yourself as many questions as you can, then you will find out what functions and features you really want from your vacuum cleaner. Well, depending on your specific demands and using purposes, there will be models that well meet what you need.

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Have good reviews


Reviews of vacuum cleaner models that you are taking into consideration is also a good source of product information you should search for. Reading them will help you know how other buyers evaluate the products after purchasing and using them.

Together with buyer reviews, you can also search for expert reviews and consumer reports to know more about the vacuum models you are considering. If they receive a lot of good reviews, it seems like they are good vacuum cleaners to buy. That’s a very good way to answer the question “what is the best vacuum cleaner in the world3PEkWqr.gif, right?


Come with reasonable price

The best vacuum cleaner to buy not only comes with features that you want, but it also costs at a reasonable price within your budget. A modern vacuum model that comes with the latest features but seems too expensive is not considered a very good choice, especially for those having a small budget. Instead, models that have features you are looking for and come with more reasonable prices are better choices. Of course, if you have a large budget, you can choose whatever you want as long as it meets your needs and has high quality.

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As long as the vacuum cleaner is really suitable for your using demands and your budget as well as have a lot of good reviews, it can be considered the very good choice for you. Now, you have had the answer to the question “what is the best vacuum cleaner to buy”, haven’t you? In the end, we hope that this article provided you with helpful information.

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37 minutes ago, EdwardSanchez said:

I've been seeing a lot of people using AIDA64 to verify stability of overclocks. The "stress test" included is not good at generating heat nor is it effective at identifying computational errors.

AIDA64's stress test will run for hours on overclocks that will BSOD while browsing the internet. The purpose of stress testing is not to place an unrealistically low load on your CPU just so you can pass - it is to subject your CPU to the most extreme thermal and computational loads possible in order to verify that, in regular use, instability is not a concern.

Prime95 SmallFFTs is excellent for identifying core instability and thermal limits for overclocks. ASUS RealBench is not very stressful on thermals, but it does generally find stability issues relatively quickly.

Let me know how exactly do you use the AIDA64 System Stability Test.  I'm pretty sure your usage case can be optimized or improved to let you use the AIDA64 stress test more effectively on your overclocked systems.

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