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The continuous development of this software is easy to take for granted. However I would like to commend Fiery for his extraordinary efforts in keeping AIDA64 so current and cutting-edge. This is not a single other developer that comes close to his level of excellence.

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Thank you for your kind words. We're still pushing hard to keep AIDA64 on the cutting-edge. We'll soon roll out the Check for Updates feature, followed by the Automatic Online Update feature. We're currently working on implementing support for the latest processors (Intel Cedarview) and the upcoming new generation processors and chipset from both AMD and Intel (e.g. Bulldozer, Trinity, Krishna, Wichita, Sandy Bridge-E/EP, X58, C600). Unlike previous years we now get tremendous help and assistance from those companies, and it makes things a lot easier.

We'll have a few surprises for next year, that we are going to roll out as a special forum release in its alpha and beta stages, just like how we handle the Windows 8 topic here.



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