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    • By Ruuwa
      Would like to ask some questions regarding AIDA64's method of calculating the utilization value of a specific logic core in a multi core, HT enabled Intel Haswell processor. Especially about the time frame it considers. Let's assume I set an update frequency of 1 sec, so a new value will be logged/shown every second. Will it reflect the utilization based on the previous 100 ns / 100 ms / 1s? What is the time interval during which the algorithm counts system/idle time? Does it shows an averaged value of several utilization values calculated in the last 1 sec or just the last reported value?
    • By nyrull
      First,excuse for my bad english
      I have a i7-5930K and wanted to know which cpu utilization is tied to which cpu cores.
      6 physical cores so 12 logicals.
      cpu1 utilization
      cpu 2 utilization
      cpu3 utilization
      cpu 12 utilization.
      so Core #1 ,Core #2 ect... is tied ti which cpu? utilization ?
      and when i look at logical core utilization in Sysinternals Process Explorer ,comparing value, i cant seems to find the same reading for all logical cores in Aida64
      Thank you !
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