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AIDA64 v2.00 - CPU usage


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Hi Fiery,

thanks for new AIDA64 v.2.00.

In new version,I have problem in idle status of increament CPU utilization in all 4 cores.

Latest beta v.1.85.1667 is OK.

Even after exit v.2.00,CPU load stay same until restart.

I beleive it's not only me,but I noted this after replace older version.

This started after 2-3 minutes.








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It's quite interesting, considering how very little things have changed between Build 1667 and Build 1700. Please try to disable GPU monitoring by right-clicking on the bottom status bar of AIDA64 main window --> HWMon Modules --> GPU. Let me know if it puts down the CPU utilization or not.

BTW, in case after exiting AIDA64 the CPU utilization stays the same, it should mean the problem is elsewhere. Unless of course AIDA64.EXE process gets stucked in the running processes list after closing the application -- please check if that's the case.



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Thanks Fiery.

As posted earlier,is "Host process for Windows Task" under Local services. :)

Solved and here is fix (for future similar questions):

Start Task manager end Taskhost.exe then quickly browse to C: \ProgramData\Microsoft\RAC before the process starts back up. Delete all the files inside the subfolders and reboot the machine. This will reset the Reliability database and end the curruption.



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