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    • By Jonathan
      I HAVE A SAMSUN A32 AND THE CAMERA IS A GW3 ISOCELL OF 64 MEGAPIXELS, OR SO I THINK, but the aida64 app does not tell me the brand and also mentions that it is 16 megapixels and not 64, so I'm not sure if it is aida that it is make a mistake or it came wrong from the factory

    • By ManniX
      Would be possible to avoid using Core 0 for the latency benchmark?
      Core 0 is always running some small threads that can't be moved somewhere else.
      Almost never in an AMD CPU is the best core; it'd be nice if AIDA would select the best CPPC core.
      If there are exceptions where Core 0 would be better instead, it could be left as a configurable option.
    • By Enigma
      Any chance to add support for custom gauges from OSD setting also to LCD Items?

      2. Also to allow to add gifs for OSD ?
    • By Neostarchild
      Hello,  I have a Z170 Mainboard and a RTX2070 graphics card (Odd mix up I know).  I have 2 microphones (Blue Snowball, and one on my headset (G635).  I also run HDMI from my RTX card  to my external amp and I have my headset hooked up by USB. 
      Would love to see on the sensor panel and option to display what audio input and output windows is reading at the current time, instead of having to dig for that info, especially if I'm in a game
    • By schrutic
      There are a few of the sensors where the default unit and value are either too large or just aren't desired. For instance, the default Download Rate. Currently the default Download Rate displays in KB/s. While I can change the unit label, I don't have any way to change the value itself. My enhancement request is to allow what I'm calling Value Modifiers or Expressions. These would only be available for sensors whose values are numbers (ints, floats, etc.).
      Let's go through a real world example of how we could implement this. Here is my current sensor panel. Note the upload and download speeds being in KB/s (red box). While it's nice to see KB/s, I would rather it display in MB/s.

      With this enhancement, rather than requesting one off sensor calculations or modifications, I feel it would be easier and more powerful to let the end user decide how to display the values. With my proposed enhancement I would be able to modify the value of the Download Rate by creating a custom expression. Below, the end user would be able to choose a custom operator (+, -, /, *, ^, etc.) then choose which operand would be the sensor value and which operand would be the custom value. Because performing math on a given value could lead to out of control decimal places, it would be ideal to include some level of precision, hence adding a section for precision.

      My custom Value Modifier (above) would take the Sensor Value and divide it by my own Custom Value (1000). Essentially this would turn 1200.1 into 1.20. Next, I could use the already existing Show unit functionality and modify my label from KB/s to MB/s. Now I would have the value I desire and have much more flexibility with all of the other sensor values.
      I hope my intentions are clear and that my enhancement request is easy to understand. Please reach out if there is anything you would like me to clarify.
      This should go without saying, but thank you for all of your hard work on this application. I use it daily and greatly appreciate all of its features!
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