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On 4/15/2021 at 12:31 AM, Como_Stella said:

My mix of white rgb design for almost full white RGB pc... (can't find the damn rog strix 3070 white...)

Still need to add few more stuff and need to get fps working...

Thinking of adding uptime and move date and time to top left

network speed on the bottom right...

and i'll have to come up with few more things to fill in lol


and just noticing that intel logo is really out of position


I KNOW me either rog/white.  i had to get a black one... 1100$ later too!

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On 4/18/2021 at 5:01 AM, ed0c said:

for some reason everytime i import this panel it changes my default size even though i have lock size enabled. 819x480  instead of 1024x600 like my system is supposed to force... 

Morning, sorry cant help you with that one im afraid, ive never imported a panel in all the years ive been using this program, always made one, im happy to resize the back ground for you but im not sure the png files for the bars will fit or not as ive never tried it :D

im pretty sure the whole thing has to be resized, someone here will know for sure  


thats 819x480



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Here's a few light theme versions of my last post.

Material Design Phone - Light Mode 1200x1920


See my last post for dark/night colorways.

Edit: Just realized that you can change transfer rates KB/s to MB/s, and total upload from MB to GB. I ended up switching to those to clean up the numbers displayed. Example shown in the 3rd pic.

Edit 2: Added download link for all version 2 colorways (5 squares ver. only)





Version 2


Version 2 Additional Pics:


Light Mode


Dark Mode


Darker Mode



Material Design Phone 1200x1920 - Light Mode.zip

Material Design Phone v2 1200x1920 - 5 Squares (All Colors).zip

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11 hours ago, mformoriarty said:

Dunno if you got a reply but I'd recommend the neon strips from Phanteks, check Newegg. I have them and they work nicely.

It seems like on the corsair you can't make out the led's in the strip. If zoom in the pic from me, phanteks btw, you can clearly see the leds spots. 


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On 4/6/2021 at 12:52 PM, Leander Schalcher said:

Hey i need help, as soon as i import a sensor panel with 1024x600 the reseloution changes and the panels doenst fit anymore at all, does someone knows whats wrong?

i figured out how to fix that , if you right click the panel file open with, choose notepad the first like 2 lines will show dimensions.  you can edit it.  things probably wont be lined up still though. but at least the file wont change default size anymore

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On 1/8/2021 at 4:35 AM, Liao Joey said:

ZERO 1920 X 480  ..VER 1.0

File contains fonts


ZERO 1024 X 600...VER1.0



looks great, are you able to share? looking for the 1024x600 if you can. 

looks like someone jacked your work and tried to resell, i understand if dont want to share.  if still do send link to my email!  c0de6349@gmail.com 

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On 9/26/2020 at 10:32 AM, Andrew Goodner said:

Big shout out to @Gabe Zalewski for doing all the ground work and sharing his beautiful Neon Hud Pannel. 

I have resized the panel to 1024x600 for my 7inch display and did some customization to match my parts. Let me know if you guys want the download!

Hello, I saw this from page 31 & 61 browsing. Not sure if you ever put out the res version you stated here. Is that a possibility? I have a theme downloaded currently but its a 800x480 and I have a 1024x600 screen. If you could please attached the file I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

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19 hours ago, Como_Stella said:


Just waiting for some flat cables to arrive then i'll install my display in the pc lol

1920 * 480 resolution


Clean White RGB.zip 1.06 MB · 38 downloads

How does one go about taking something like this and making a 480x800 version? Really like the simplicity and style and would just like to try and format it to my lcd panel I just bought. 

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