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On 4/19/2021 at 12:20 AM, Liao Joey said:

ZERO V2 1920X480 screenpanel comes with animation effects. Audio visualizer effects. There is no download link, please send a message to me and leave your E-mail address. I will send it to you !

PS:ZERO V2 1024X600 will be soon...

May i have this to? 

This is awesome.


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On 5/19/2021 at 7:48 PM, Como_Stella said:

My White RGB PC build is doneeeee ish lol

I just need GPU and we all know how that's going lmao


That is a great display and loving the white case. I have never really liked the look of white builds but after seeing yours I may have changed my mind. Well done. 

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On 3/19/2021 at 8:05 PM, Guna said:

Thanks to the forum for providing the sensor panel templates. Have taken the same from the forum and have adjusted to my need and posting for others as a help.

Used my old Tablet as monitoring screen. 1024*768 scale

1. used "Spacdesk " software to  use the tablet as second display.

File to be used for the below image - 2021-03-19_V02.sensorpanel


2. Used - Localhost:80 - to display over the browser.

Step 1: AIDA64- preferences ->LCD -> RemoteSensor

select the tick boxes and provide the resolution you want.

Step 2: AIDA64- preferences ->LCD -> LCD Items -> Import the file below.

File to be used for the below image - 2021-03-19.rslcd or

any file with extension - "****.sensorpanel" to convert into "**.rslcd"



2021-03-19_V02.sensorpanel 125.03 kB · 107 downloads

2021-03-19.rslcd 418.67 kB · 51 downloads

How dis you conver to rslcd

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In reply to my own post on page 109:

The display arrived yesterday and I spent the day completing my sensor panel. Here is the result.

Resolution: 1100x3840

Short review of the display:

The mounting for the display is not yet optimal and will be replaced by something more stable. There is also the option of mounting the display on the back with a 75x75 VESA bracket.

About the display itself:

Bought at AliExpress, NVArcher Store, this is the 14 inch CNC Black version. Shipping to Germany took about 3 weeks. The quality of the display is absolutely outstanding, the front is reflective, it's even FreeSync and HDR compatible and supposedly capable of 144Hz according to the OSD. However, I wouldn't necessarily use it for gaming because of the rather unusual format. Power supply via USB-C works without problems, I use it via an HDMI->DP adapter on my PC. According to the OSD, the second USB-C port on the display is also able to receive an image signal, but I haven't tested this yet due to the lack of a DP->USB-C cable.

I can recommend it after about 2 days of use, the long-term test is still to come.

Link to the shop: https://de.aliexpress.com/item/1005001664167447.html




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On 5/16/2021 at 5:26 PM, ThatManOnTheMoon said:

Material Design Big Bars Simplified 1200x1920

These are simpler and lighter colorways of my last post.

See my previous post for dark colorways.


Note 1: Nividia VRAM temps are supported in the new beta [6.33.5714 beta (Apr 23, 2021)]. So adjust accordingly if you're using it. In the sensor panel it's set to some random temps at the moment.

Note 2: The min and max values are just labels, so adjust accordingly or remove per preference.







Additional Pictures:


Previous Releases:


Material Design Big Bars Simplified 1200x1920.zip 679.31 kB · 107 downloads

may i got the size for 800x480 please? black one

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