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On 11/30/2020 at 7:07 AM, miishb79 said:

Hey mate, sorry to bump an old line here but is there any chance you still have the photoshop files for this build?
I love this design but am wanting to change to Orange/Black scheme and the part names to match my build.


Thanks in advance, great designs you have posted.


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On 11/8/2020 at 4:21 PM, toonnut said:

I'm having the same problem also. I'm brand new to this and haven't got a clue how to fix it. If I change  the resolution in the settings most of the display dissappear haha. I just need a decent 800x480 template that doesn't change size when I load the file.

Have you guys found a fix to this?

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On 6/4/2021 at 1:28 PM, philipfreire said:

NZXT Theme:NZXT.thumb.PNG.cf57516c88496bafeddbe9495a5ea821.PNG
NZXT-Theme.sensorpanel 539.07 kB · 435 downloads

NZXT B&W Theme:NZXT-BW.thumb.PNG.c2f03b899416f599aae24b1c0eec8e4a.PNG
NZXT-Theme-BW.sensorpanel 549.16 kB · 311 downloads

NZXT-AsusROG-Theme.sensorpanel 553.47 kB · 368 downloads

NZXT / Gigabyte AORUS Theme:NZXT-GigabyteAorus.thumb.PNG.ebf2f5a46b7d67f6991c0f9e1f7a2658.PNG
NZXT-GigabyteAorus-Theme.sensorpanel 555.53 kB · 263 downloads

NZXT / LogitechG Theme:NZXT-LogitechG.thumb.PNG.84f16e5b5ab576b6e737b6606e4d1682.PNG
NZXT-LogitechG-Theme.sensorpanel 553.79 kB · 507 downloads


Fits 1920x1080 displays.
Minor changes to CPU/GPU & RAM icons.
May require HelveticaNeue Font


@philipfreire any chance you can share the b&w panel in 1024x600 for a fellow CDN?

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On 9/5/2021 at 7:59 PM, Liao Joey said:

Update to V1.1

1.Fix the display position of some text on screenpanel

2.Add AMD LOGO, adjust the color transformation of NZXT LOGO


Please share dothanhdat1987@gmail.com  thank!!!!!!!

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4 hours ago, Muhammad Afham Kadir said:


My very first time use aida 64 (basic build)

for reso 1280x400 and its hard to find anyone to share reso for this reso i hope it can 

help you for a while.


2021-09-16.sensorpanel 17.35 kB · 0 downloads

Your resolution should be 1280x400px? But when I download your sensor panel it is 853x267px. You have to enter the corresponding dimensions in Aida64 in "Settings" under "Sensor Panel"> "Sensor Panel Size" so that it works properly.

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