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1 hour ago, Exhumed said:

Thanks for your answer. You can definitely use other users' graphic elements, but then you have to write it down, that's what it's all about.

Because the next user who downloads the sensor panel does not know that there are graphics there that are not his. And so it continues with each subsequent download. At some point, no one knows which elements are from whom and inquiries are in vain. Nobody knows the original author anymore. It would therefore be desirable if everyone here would document this accordingly in the file itself or in the archive.

Thx i will remeber that, thx mate

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21 hours ago, Onchky Senpai said:

A small 1440×108 panel to use at the bottom of my second monitor. Could be shorter, but Fancy Zones editor only allows margins of 108 px minimum. Initial plan was to make a panel for taskbar, similar to iStat Menus on Mac, but it gets hidden in fullscreen apps.

Screenshot 2022-01-25 143049.png

Really like this idea, but want to make a vertical version, can I borrow those gauges? they are nice and clean!

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On 7/12/2021 at 09:10, ThatManOnTheMoon said:


  Có lẽ cuối cùng sẽ làm một phiên bản chủ đề nhẹ nhàng


Cảm ơn. Lotta thực sự lái xe. Có plex, nâng cấp AI và gieo hạt đang diễn ra.

Cảm ơn một lần nữa. Có vẻ như bạn đã lấy nó xuống.

Mong mọi người làm ra vài thứ hay ho.

you can share it

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On 2/23/2020 at 1:30 AM, NinjaFarian said:

Havent seen any like this before, hopefully this gets some creative juices flowing. I think the use of urls is very under used. Might not be practical depending on pc/screen layout, but my pc is right beside my monitor, so its nice to have a little extra screen space.  3rd pic shows all clickables.

Been tweaking this for a few weeks, links open on sensor display resized like the Netflix window(in 2nd pic). 

links included:

  • Almost everything is linked to a function related to the pic:
  • Buttons   -security cam, voip phone ,chrome, discord, games library, task manager
  • window=weather app
  • key = lock pc
  • speakers/headset = switch sound output and open mixer
  • keyboard = emails
  • door= powerdown
  • lcd = change between multimuniter setups




This is incredible. I would love to modify it. May I?

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