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15 hours ago, Rotop said:

Took me a while, but it's more or less finished.
Might need some tweaking with font sizes etc.



All credits go to @miishb79 for supplying the files, I called it Frieza Red.
The size is 1280-768 and here are all files including fonts and PSD's



Frieza_Red_1280-768.7z 3.03 MB · 3 downloads

wow man! That looks awesome good job.  Nice to see people like my design :-D

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23 hours ago, Liao Joey said:

I design a simple one for you guys...






very nice ! thanks

by the way sorry for noob question. 

my degree symbol not shown normally like yours

and how do you hide the task bar just for the stat screen?

thank you , it would be appreciate

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On 4/21/2020 at 6:08 AM, marty-demo said:

Thanks AIDA64 .  I've  been working on this project for while now trying to find a good hardware monitor . I've tried numerous software like widows gadgets , Rainmeter and others but none come close to the flexibility and customization of aida64 sensor panel.   

my senory panel and background templates can be found here https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yH94G6xE_tOKwSJsf6KYgZrs51Bm4qH9

The fonts I used were part of the Darwin pro font family

edit( GeeekPi 5 inch HDMI Monitor LCD Resistive Touch Screen 800x480 LCD Display USB Interface for Raspberry Pi 4) is the screen used 

sensorpanel capture.JPG


PC PHOTOsmall .jpg


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On 10/29/2020 at 7:17 PM, Exhumed said:

Hello People,

Here is my first (not finished yet) work, 1280x800px. I used a template from one of the forum uploaders as a base to work with.

I did not have a display at this moment for my pc but maybe later i buy one.


The style is two-colored digital modern optic. As next i want to change the Gauge Meter to match the different red color and add some vector lines around the stats. Which elements remain and have a function that seems useful to me is not yet finished and will certainly be revised again. I will create more different themes from time to time.

Tipp: "0 FPS" You need rivatuner installed and run to enable rtss


What do you think? Do you like the layout?


Custom made vector background and some graphics to.

Fonts used but not included:

Chosence (https://www.dafont.com/de/search.php?q=chosence)

Cyberdyne (https://www.dafont.com/de/search.php?q=cyberdyne)


Used colors:

#E64253 (red: 230, green: 66, blue: 83)

#2FD7E0 (red: 47, gren: 215, blue: 244)





AIDA64_Panel by_Exhumed_v1_Cyberpunk.rarUnavailable AIDA64_Panel by_Exhumed_v2_Cyberpunk.rarUnavailable

That’s a very good looking skin man!

I’m a newbie, care to enlighten me on what do I have to know to create something as great as this?

I ordered a 5” 800x480 LCD display and would love to edit your skin to have it diplay on it. Thinking about grey/black with all the temps, utilisation, fps, cpu details and gpu details. how do i get rid the other 4 details and resize/recolour everything?

Thanks in advance!

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