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I am new to AIDA64 and Odospace and found it to be a useful and interesting way to reutilize the old android LCD as a sensor monitor. 

Thanks to all the DEVs and panel creators sharing their creative work. I have an Old rooted KitKAT LG V410 Tablet (1280x800) on which I have been able to get the Odospace remote panel installed and get the display.

AIDA64 and Odospace is installed currently on a low spec testbed to try and play around with the features as a sandbox.

I have gathered all parts and about to begin my bulid for HTPC SFF PC with the following parts for a Windows 10 (KODI/Light Duty Gaming Rig)

Reddit SFFPC

I have a couple of queries which I hope I can get some help around with :

1. I have seen on the test systems sometimes the tablet screen goes blank and does not come back untill I restart the odospace application on the Windows PC, is it a known behavior or any sleep timing setting. Is the tablet supposed to display screen until there is activity on the PC, or does the PC or Tablet has any idle setting to turn off the display. In the android app I have already selected the "Keep Screen On" option.

2. I have seen a couple of nice OSLCD templates profiles made for high resolution screens and hence as such don't display correctly if I import them in my installation for my tablet screen size. Is there a relatively straight forward way to resize those templates or do I have to go for each design element to be resized and repositioned. 

3. For resizing the OSLCD template , only the OSLCD attached template profile is enough, or do I have to request the author to shar source files (background, icons, design elements). Which software is used to design OSLCD design items (GIMP/Photoshop etc).

4. I can see two types of templates shared in this thread, for OSLCD and for SensorPanel. I understand the "SensorPanel" templates are used for physically connected LCD on any of the display outputs (HDMI, DP, DVI) and cannot be used for Odospace Android Tablet. Is there any way to convert the sensorpanel templates to OSLCD templates. 

Ok got my answer, apparently I can use the SensorPanel files imported in OSLCD window. Will try some experimenting there and will post results accordingly.

5. If anyone else has figured it out, for android tablet what is the best way to sync the display behavior with the PC On/Off/Sleep events. I have the tasker installed (with Secure settings plugin). Have also started "Autostart" to have the "Remote Panel" app start directly after a tablet shutdown/restart.

For example if I want to have tablet go blank or in screensaver mode when the PC is shutdown/sleep and let the tablet come back alive in sensor panel screen whenever the PC is turned on . Any sample tasker template if can be share, would be useful to understand and apply.


Thanks for reading and sharing the guidance and response. 




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On 9/8/2020 at 11:51 PM, HookR said:

With v10.0 I have tried to aim a slightly more graphical approach and lay down the foundations of a refined and modular layout. Improvements inlcudes:
- TAI: Using an array of dots as Thread Activity Indicator that gives the desired compactness and future-proof scalability at the same time.
- A semi-transparent in-between layer that helps maintaining readability over the more colorful background elements.
- A standalone disk module to display more detailed disk activity.

Preview images for comparison of different loading states:



AIDA64_SensorPanel_v10.0_(420x40)_Final.sensorpanel 120.54 kB · 82 downloads


thanks HookR. I absolutely love this display. One or two little tweaks to suit my system and it works really well.

I have an AIO cooler I wanted to keep an eye on swapped the fans "RPM label" for "AIO Pump rpm". Plus I have 3 internal drives so made an extra drive column and graph for it all colour coded. Also added drive letters.



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On 2020/12/8 at AM11點38分, Liao Joey said:

very beautiful, can you share the background please? I can't find it in the link you provided.

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On 12/25/2020 at 2:52 PM, RaptorTP said:


i bought a display and registered to this forum to have access to the really really good stuff  :)

so i fixed it to 800x600

add a drive and hide "front + back fans"

could you tell me how i get the Network done ? - i don´t see here any data or graph

OK - got it - had to change it from NIC2 to NIC1 - will upload the fix in a few minutes





2020-12-25.sensorpanel 1.43 MB · 91 downloads

Can you please adjust it for either my native 1280x800 (LG v410 4.4.2 rooted) or 600x1024 to fill up my screen properly.


Thanks and appreciate your support. 

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On 11/29/2020 at 8:30 PM, MarkF said:

That is woeking great on my 7inch 800x480 display just need to tweak a few areas but could you share the darker version please.

Can you share the design elements or source. On my LG V410 7 inch, in 800x480 resolution , the CPU and GPU temp stacked rectangles are appearing big and the same size as CPU and GPU utilization, however in the pic the temp rectangles are smaller.

Thanks for your guidance to get them fixed.

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On 12/28/2020 at 1:37 PM, Cédric Zaman said:



I started playing around a little bit with making my own panel, and this is my first one and i'm really happy with it so far! 

Now my question is, everything refreshes every 3 seconds. I can see that by the seconds at the time tab. 


Is there anyway to change that? 


If anyone is interested, i'm happy to share the import file. 






Would love a copy of this import!

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4 hours ago, Troyduck said:

I apologize for not actually contributing to the topic yet, however I did not know how else to get my question answered. Every single sensor panel file I have tried in this thread is unavailable. Is there something I am missing?

what is your problem, import profile is quite simple

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6 hours ago, Troyduck said:

I apologize for not actually contributing to the topic yet, however I did not know how else to get my question answered. Every single sensor panel file I have tried in this thread is unavailable. Is there something I am missing?

Had the same problem today. You have to make an account with the website. Then once you are signed in, you can download any of the attached files.

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