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Like and quote if you want me to share this template! 800x480

happy new year 2021!!! 1920X1080.7z

Hello People, Here is my first (not finished yet) work, 1280x800px. I used a template from one of the forum uploaders as a base to work with. I did not have a display at this moment for my p

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Ich kann mich irgendwie nicht daran begeistern, ganz abgesehen vom Ressourcenverbrauch. Kann auch daran liegen, dass ich nur ein 4,5 Zoll Display habe. Auf größeren ist halt mehr Platz für Spielereien. ;)

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1 hour ago, Clement Tang said:

I have a very stupid question,

I've imported a template from a member here (thank you Joey Liao) with a 1920x480 template
but the moment i imported it, everything have enlarged and out of proportion and it become 2880x720

Anyone know how this is happening?

check here...




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On 1/11/2021 at 4:09 AM, frozenboy said:

how could u made it without using web/remote?. Can u make instruction to make sth like this, thanks

my guess is using animated wallpaper, like wallpaper engine and make the sensor panel transparent on top of that

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37 minutes ago, joransrb said:

mu guess is using animated wallpaper, like wallpaper engine and make the sensor panel transparent on top of that

i dont like that one, it effect to system performance. It seem u right, the second clip show that it is a video running as background

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Yes right and this is not really difficult. 

The first what you need is the Steam wallpaper engine.

My System is potent enough to handle 4 Monitors with animated wallpapers, you can select in the engine, wallpapers stop if you have anything in Fullscreen mode to save Ressources. 

I tried with vlc Player to play a background Video a's wallpaper too and IT works. 

Short discription. 

Create an animated Video with After effects or any Apps. 

This Video convert to h264.mp4 

Create with steam wallpaper engine a New wallpaper and select the Video file. Set a's wallpaper, 

Now in aida64 make the panel in Option 55 - 65% transparent. 

Done :)

Sry for my Bad english ;P 


Edit: In steam wallpaper you can easy add gifs. 

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