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    • By HappyTeaRex
      I made a costum sensor panel and wanted to try it out so I wanted to install RTSS but when I try to install it, it aborts the installaion because "rtss is currently active". I don't know what to do now. I close eveything I can think of, rebooted the pc but still the same issue. I've read that I should close all applications that are hooked with rtss but I can't think of any apps to close now xD 
      Hope someone can help ^^

    • By Ridingmac
      I have a corsair H150i  has a CPU cooler. Aida64 show pump rpm and only 2 or the 3 fans. RTSS and HWinfo64 do however have all 3 fans and i would like my sensor panel to display all 3 fans. Is there a way to add either RTSS or HWinfo64 sensor data to Aida64 extreme? If so can someone point me in the right direction to a tutorial/documentation on how to do this?
    • By ValinHawK
      I'm running AIDA64 Engineer and Riva Tuner Statistics Server (RTSS) latest version 7.3.0 and the AIDS64 RTSS Frame Rate sensor item is not working for my custom sensor panel.  I've made sure RTSS is up and running before launching AIDS64.  I've also launch both AIDS64 and RTSS with Administrator privileges.  Still no success.  Any suggestions...?
      Kind regards,
    • By Mkaak
      Rtss fps counter dosen't work on my sensor panel it always show me thats the fps is 0 even when im play , how can i fix this 
    • By Bradley Steinbach
      Any help would be greatly appreciated, all other functions are working perfectly.
      I understand it only works in game, but still there is no change. My FPS monitor with NVIDIA's software functions fine.
      My only thought is that it is displaying the FPS on the sensor panel (which would be 0) and not from my main monitor - is this possible? And what setting would I change?
      Windows 10
      Ryzen 9 3900x
      RTX 3080
      Thank you in advance,
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