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Fernando Gregoire

Copy information in English independently of the language in use

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Dear AIDA64 dev team:

I have a new idea related to copying information from AIDA64 to the clipboard by using the right-clic menu/context menu, specially useful for devugging information ofthen required here to solve hardware problems.

When you copy any type of information using the AIDA64 context menus, the information is copied writen on the language you're using. However, when it is another than English and a user needs, for example, paste the information in this forum, the user may want to copy the data in English. Currently, the user must to set the program language to English, copy the required information and switch to his/her language again.

It would be great if the user could easily copy this kind of data in English, independently of his/her preferred language. For example, it might to be a submenu called "Copy in English", or by holding the SHIFT key when opening the context menu (Windows Vista/7 does it, for example, with the Copy as path and Open command window here for files and folders).

For last, the message after copying devug info is not localizable at this time. Could you add it to the language modules?

Thanks and congratulations for the good work!

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We don't use the Copy Debug Info to Clipboard feature that much. We prefer AIDA64 users to create separate ISA Sensor Dumps and/or SMBus Dumps, and those dumps are not localized. And actually, for us it's not that much of a problem to receive reports, report segments or page dumps in foreign languages.

We'll add the requested new line to the language modules ;)

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