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    • By ComputerUser
      Hi all,
      I'm trying to do some battery discharge tracking under different load settings and I'm looking for an easy way to log the battery and system load to a file for later analysis. Does this software have the ability to read device status and record it to a file?
    • By Fahrenheit
      I purchased AIDA64 along with a Matrix Orbital LK204-25 and easily configured it to show system stats...great functionality!  I'm curious, is it possible to request a feature to dim or turn off the LCD when the computer goes to sleep?  Helps with LCD longevity and not lighting up a dark room when I'm not at the computer.
      I would see if it would be possible to "sleep" the AIDA64 program when the computer goes to sleep as well.  Right now, AIDA64 uses 1-2% CPU even when the computer is sleeping (since I see it on the LCD).  Seems like these would be wasted cycles.  Thanks for the great program!
    • By Garfunkel
      Just want to request a Pinger item/object in sensr panel. An object to ping a Host, IP or URL and show it as a graph, bar or other item... Just to easily manage long ranged wireless connection and to easily see the their strength and also of the Internet connection
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