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High DPC (ACPI.sys) when Load Kernel Driver is Selected


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I noticed I get High DPC usage when using my sensor panel. I noticed that by disabling Load kernel driver in the stability section in Preferences, the latency issue disappears. 

Unfortunately this disables monitoring of most of the things I want in the sensorpanel. 

DPC goes from <650 microseconds (on nvlddmkm.sys - Nvidia) with the setting disabled to ~1800 microseconds (on ACPI.sys) when I have load kernel driver selected.

Is there something I can enable/disable in bios to stop this from happening?

CPU: 10900k

MOBO: ASUS Hero XII WiFi bios: 2301

RAM: Corsair 16-18-18-36 32 GB 3200 MHz

GPU: ASUS 3080 Strix OC

Windows: 21H1 19043.1165

I do not have ASUS software installed besides audio drivers and I only have fan profile in BIOS + overclock.

I also have NZXT cam installed and Geforce experience.

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I have solved the high latency issues by disabling EC support in preferences -> stability

However, now I cannot get CPU power, VRM temp or CPU opt fan speed on the sensorpanel

So I wouldn't call this a solution because some others don't have a similar issue with EC support enabled.

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