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Fernando Gregoire

No monitor information displayed on my netbook

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Dear AIDA64 developers,

I cannot find anything on the Display\Monitor page on my Asus Eee PC 1015 PX. Altough I've no external display connected to the VGA port, I'd like to know details such as maximum resolution and display size, aspect ratio and vertical and horizontal freqs of the built-in led monitor.

I'm using the latest beta of AIDA64 Extreme edition on voth my desktop computer and netbook, and the Monitor page on the desktop computer works properly. If it helps, these computers has Windows 7 Ultimate with SP 1 (64-bit on desktop and 32-bit on the netbook).

Thanks a lot!

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Many netbooks either don't implement an EDID block for their LCD at all, or the EDID block hasn't got much useful information in it. That's all for the sake of cost saving.



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Fiery, thanks for your quick reply. Only one more question:

Will AIDA64 be able to display monitor information of external monitors if I connect one to the VGA port?

In case the onboard video display logic is prepared to read EDID block via the VGA (DSub) connector, then yes, of course :)

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