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monitoring fans problems (corsair commander core xt and nzxt kraken x62)


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Hi everyone, just bought a little 7" display to use with Aida64.  Wroks perfeectly but I'va some problem displaying fan rpm.  I've a Corsair Commander Core XT with 4 fans connected and an NZXT AIO Kraken X62 with 2 fans.  I can't see any fan in the option.  Is there a solution to monitor them with Aida (version Extreme 6.60.5900 installed) ?

Thanks for help

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You are playing a dangerous game if you are running iCue, CAM, and AIDA64 at the same time. Properly coded programs that poll system sensors use global mutexes to synchronize polling of sensors. This includes HWINFO, AIDA64, SIV, Aquasuite, and CPU-Z. Corsair iCue does not use global mutexes and just assumes that it is the only program polling system sensors. I don't think CAM uses the proper synchronization mutexes either. They didn't used to but maybe they have updated the program since I dealt with it. The result will be polling collisions. This can cause false sensor readings and in some cases even cause things to lock up.

The authors of HWINFO, SIV, and other properly coded programs will tell you that they do not recommend running iCue when their programs are running. HWINFO and SIV provide a checkbox to disable polling of Corsair devices because they know that running these programs simultaneously is a problem . As for your fans showing up in AIDA, they should if AIDA is able to communicate with the Commander Core XT and the Kraken pump. You may have to specifically enable this due to these programs not using the proper sensor polling synchronization methods.

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