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  1. Unfortunately it turned out that the disk measurement does not quite work :(

    On a small partition (RAM-disk / with two characters after the decimal point), everything works fine - and utilisation in % and free space in GB. The sensor is updated very quickly. :D

    But for large partitions (SSD/HDD / with one decimal and no decimal places) the information is not updated for all types of sensors. :blink:

    Only restart AIDA64 update these sensors. :wacko:

  2. Yes, definitely. Although data representation is not as straightforward as you might imagine ;) What sort of monitoring item would you prefer?

    1) Free space amount in MegaBytes -- may be a huge number for a 2+ TB partition...

    2) Free space amount in GigaBytes -- may be marginally useless for small partitions (or for small capacity flash drives)

    3) Free space percentage of total partition space

    We need

    - Free space in MB

    - Free space in GB

    - Used space in % - for bar diagram

    Is it possible to dynamically switch units (with settings the threshold) ?

    I have already space for that sensors in my SensorPanel - http://forums.aida64...ndpost__p__4472 ;)

    The more items we define, the slower the whole monitoring module will get...

    The modular monitoring system ? Load only the required modules ?

    Alphacool LC-Display software had such a system.

    I also use True Launch Bar - http://www.truelaunchbar.com/ - also modular monitoring system.

    I want (if possible) also WiFi signal strength sensor in SensorPanel. Now i use one from True Launch Bar.



  3. Do you use the usb display as second display?

    I use the usb display only for system monitoring. In the same way as my old Alphacool LC-Display.

    But this is possible to use this as second display. But the resolution is too low.

    Are there any problems with other software, or is it simply by fixing the AIDA-Panel to the second display?

    No problems so far. Not with screen, not with AIDA64.

    Do you use the monitor as a touchscreen too?

    No. Not really useful or needed.

  4. After buying a new comp i was started with modding.

    More info - http://nl.hardware.i...irus_59-edition

    post-1003-0-15039000-1335089008_thumb.jpg post-1003-0-99243800-1335089010_thumb.jpg

    SilverStone Fortress FT03 Black + MIMO 720F Touchscreen USB Monitor (7" 800x480)

    He was supposed to be better than the old one.

    post-1003-0-15830000-1335089138_thumb.jpg post-1003-0-70038600-1335089141_thumb.jpg post-1003-0-33933000-1335089144_thumb.jpg

    Lian Li PC-A05NBF Black + Alphacool LC-Display 240x128

    I was looking for software to use the built-in monitor as my old Alphacool LC-Display.

    And I found AIDA64.

    The first attempt :) / v1


    The second attempt / v2

    post-1003-0-25821600-1335089395_thumb.png - v2.sensorpanel

    The third attempt / v3. I use now v3 BW 128 v2

    post-1003-0-31663400-1335089486_thumb.png - v3.sensorpanel

    post-1003-0-87839500-1335089599_thumb.png - v3 BW.sensorpanel

    post-1003-0-00784700-1335089627_thumb.png - v3 BW 128.sensorpanel

    post-1003-0-75445200-1335089653_thumb.png - v3 BW 128 v2.sensorpanel

    Possible future

    post-1003-0-60561400-1335089764_thumb.png - v4.sensorpanel

    post-1003-0-07264500-1335089777_thumb.png :( I can't upload anymore, the limit is reached :wacko:

    Now I'm waiting for the appearance of the possibility to monitor hard drives and wireless signal strength.

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