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  1. I'm using a new Lenovo Y500. Just installed Aida64 yesterday. I have had episodes when I am navigating in the left tree pane from one function to another when the mouse cursor suddenly freezes. this computer has a trackpad. I'm not using an external mouse. There is no way to unfreeze the mouse. I can still get around with the keyboard, and tried changing settings or getting into task manager processes through the keyboard, but nothing presented itself as helpful. I could navigate with Aida itself by keyboard, but not mouse. I tried signing out as a user, but had to use the keyboard to shut the computer off. The mouse will only come back on a reboot. This is the latest version of Aida; and I am using up-to-date Windows 8. This has happened often enough that I am afraid to open the program, because it is so likely to freeze the mouse. This must be a bug. I will forward or post computer configuration info if someone asks for it. I used the old Lavalys Everest monitor on my XP computers for years, and never had a problem like this. Help would be appreciated (as in an update to make the product more stable).

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