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  1. Oh I know about that and I've used it. Problem is that I have learned that there is no one single test to determine stability. At one point my system was stable with AIDA and Prime95 but wouldn't run IBT. I convinced myself that it didn't matter. Well it turned out that it did matter and my system really wasn't stable after all. Now I use all three tests and, of course, the only real test that matters which is no crashes over time doing the things I built the PC for in the first place :).

  2. Thank you, Fiery. I did not consider that. I like to run AIDA at the same time as IBT because I can monitor more temperatures and voltages than I can with Hardware Monitor (which does not crash with IBT). I don't know for certain that it is a crash but Windows pops up saying that AIDA had a problem and that Windows had to close it.

  3. Whenever I try to run version 2.60.2100 at the same time as I am running Intel Burn Test, AIDA will crash after some period of time. IBT keeps right on running as does everything else but AIDA will eventually crash (albeit politely, at least Windows is able to shut it down without disturbing anything else). This only occurs after some time which means running IBT on very high or on maxium. Lesser levels run to completion before AIDA will crash.

  4. Make sure to upgrade to AIDA64 v2.20 once it becomes available (less than 24 hours from now). You'll then be able to activate FPU+GPU stressing to drive your computer to maximum power draw and maximum temperatures.

    I prefer to use the .zip version. Can I simply extract the new version into the same folder that I placed version 2.00 into? Will I need to reactivate with my license code?

  5. I just purchased and used AIDA64 for the first time yesterday. My primary reason for doing so was the System Stability Test. I let it run overnight (about 6½ hours total) and nothing appeared to change. Both graphs were straight lines. No messages of any kind. CPU temperature never exceeded 70°. How do I know that the test ran correctly? Also, how trustworthy is the test? I ask only because if I run Prime95 (in "Blend" mode which "tests some of everything, lots of RAM tested") it will error out (Windows error that the program shut down) in about an hour to an hour and a half. The Intel Burn Test will not even run for two minutes before it errors out (which I don't believe). I would like to trust the AIDA64 result (obviously) but need some assurance it is reliable. Since building my machine on 12/23/2011 I have not had any issues. No BSODs, spontaneous restarts, or any other kind of visible issue (aside from error messages in Windows' event logs but I've never seen a PC that didn't have some of those).

    Thanks for any input.

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