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  1. I've been doing some trials, and now that some database issues have been resolved, I'm thinking about purchasing. I'm a bit confused about product fetaures.

    I audit PCs onsite for clients. It appears the Extreme edition will allow me to install on any PC, but it doesn't export to a database. The Business Edition does export, but can only be used for 5 nodes.

    Am I missing something? Is the a version which will allow be to go onsite, audit a client's PC, export the data to database, and then remove Aida from the PC?

  2. I often undertake IT audits for clients. I'm looking to automate this task and my research led me to Aida64. Is this product able to allow me to install Aida64 Business on a standalone client PC, and have the findings written to an Access database (perhaps stored on a USB drive)?

    I've installed it as a trial on my PC, and modified the DB preferences to point at the DB - Access.mdb file, but no data is written. Is there something I'm missing in the process or abilities of this software?

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