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  1. 24 minutes ago, Fiery said:

    Maybe MSI motherboards alter the behavior of the NB, ie. adjust its operating frequency in a proprietary way when those power management features are disabled?

    EIST disabling It helps. But this is a bad way out of the situation)))


    Miracles are what by the way vid and vcore equaled after turning EIST off :huh:


  2. 4 hours ago, Fiery said:

    How do you know it's an issue limited to MSI motherboards?

    There are no problems NB clock with Asus Z170/Z270,  in contrast to MSI Z170/Z270 Series...

    I tried the boards MSI Z170 Gaming M3/M5/M7/M9 and Z270 Gaming M5/M7 with all of them the frequency of the north bridge is read incorrectly.

    4 hours ago, Fiery said:

    As for the SPD issue, for some reason your memory modules cannot perform SPD bank switching. Bank switching is necessary to read the full 512-byte SPD block of DDR4 memory modules. 

    This may be the problem due to bios? I pulled out the video card(EVGA GTX 1070 FTW) and the problem disappeared.  At least I can not reproduce the situation with the problem...


    ps. But is it right that it is indicated that there is not present thermal sensor? Because it is available, Giantec GT34TS04

    CPU-Z when there was a problem not always read the data SPD...  Now for now everything is fine <_<

  3. Something broke and there a small bug:  :ph34r:




    PS. I'm sorry, can create a new topic is not necessary?, I still had a couple of questions...

    Is it possible to add to the TOOLS / AIDA64 CPUID data such as??? ^_^ : 
    CPU VID (below core voltage)
    CPU Microcode Revision (below CPUID Rev.)

    Sensor Properties / Motherboard Name, instead: MSI MS-7966/7968/7970/7971/and so on. very much... :wacko: / replaced by normal names boards, in my case MSI Z170A Gaming M7 (MS-7976)

    In chapter DirectX / DirectX Video / Direct3D Device Properties / DirectX Hardware Support: for some reason, reports about support only version 11.1(for a long time is not right reads) despite the fact that the supported version is up to DX ver 12.1(system win10)


    Once again I'm sorry if I strain. Just want to share ideas that would come in handy and will add convenience.

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